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Weird company name, great logo. Here’s a bigger version:

Heads Up: New Mercedes Logo

It’s been 16 years since the last update above. The new logo will retain the star in the circle, but gone will be the 3D look. Mercedes is going with a flat, one-color design on all their marketing materials. They will also separate the star from the company name to correspond to the company slogan […]

London Olympics 2012. WTF?!

Who broke the logo for the 2012 Olympics? Seriously, Wolff Olins was paid £400,000 to regurgitate this one. It took them a year. They say it’s aimed at the “Internet generation”. That’s like an IT technician saying it’s a “Windows problem”. It’s what you say when you don’t know the answer. Initially the logo drew […]

Cartoon Logos

There is only one way to do cartoon logos. Cartoon logos should start out on a sketchpad. No getting around it. Check out the CartoonBall example. A pencil sketch leaves room for editing. Cartoonists like Brad Fitzpatrick skip the pencil phase. Brad’s good. Very good. But it’s my opinion that removing the pencil phase makes […]