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Superman Logo

Now, as you know, we’ve been looking at some Batman logos recently and judging by LogoBlogger traffic it’s been a hit. So I figured the decent thing to do would be to also feature the daddy of all superheros, Superman! The Superman logo is probably one of the 10 most recognizable logos in the world, […]

LogoBlogger Survives!

After much effort, is online again after being missing for about 2 weeks. See, I wanted to learn more about databases and in my investigations I managed to delete the WordPress database that this blog depends on. Thanks to the nice folks at my hosting company BlueHost I got my hands on a backup. […]

Batman Logos – Part 2

I guess this should have been part one. This is the original Batman logo, as it appeared on issue one: Here’s issue one for reference: And here’s my attempt at a clean-up of that logo:

Logo Theft?

It really pisses me off when people steal my logos. Excuse my French. It’s the same for any designer. You put a lot into every logo and some nutter comes along and just takes it. Then I had a wake-up call. It’s easy to expose “logo thieves” on your web site or blog, and there […]

Batman Logos – Part 1

A while back I posted some batman logos and that’s been popular, so here’s the first in a series of bigger versions of the batman logo, some of its variants and fan versions of the logo – with my apologies to DC Comics. This is the unmistakable, unimprovable batman logo as it first appeared back […]