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Logos versus Logos

Good people of the Web, I present for your judgment, the Silver Fish logo and the Connect logo. Both these logos were designed by professional, full-time, qualified designers. Both are fairly simple, clean designs. The Silver Fish logo is probably more memorable while the Connect logo is more practical if the logo is to be used […]

Church Logos

The difficulty with church logos is that most if not all of them use the same standard religious imagery – which is fine, but it means that extra care must be taken to make the church logo unique from all the other church logos out there. Christian church logos usually contain one or more of […]

A good cause

One more post for today: If you are looking for a good deed opportunity, get over to this site and contribute something. Helping a sick child is as good as good causes get. If you can’t contribute financially or prefer not to then help draw attention to this site by linking to it. Go […]

Mass delete spam in WordPress

Man, what a hassle. You leave your blog unattended for a couple of months and kablam, thousands of spam comments that you have to delete page by page. Surely there must be some way to just delete them all in one go? A super delete button somewhere. That’s the only way us humans can defeat […]