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A follow-up on our post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack: Hats off to our new hosting company We are happy to report that has been back online and accessible since May 12, despite the ongoing attack. The guys at Blacklotus are successfully mitigating the attack for us using a combination of high-spec hardware and manual traffic filtering. Most […]

Vector Batman Logos

We have started a new web site called under our parent company Graphics Factory CC. The aim of this one is to offer free and premium professional vector templates for download. One section of the site will be specifically for all kinds of fun vector stuff, like superhero logos. So to add to our ongoing […] DDoS Attack – Update

Since yesterday’s post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack we’ve made some progress. We have upgraded to enterprise level hosting at a hosting provider that offers DDoS mitigation. Our hosting bill is several times larger now, but that’s a small price to pay. The site is back online: The attack is continuing though so if you […] DDoS Attack –

The web site has been unreachable since Tuesday, May 5. We established fairly quickly that Biz-Logo was the target of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Who would’ve thought that our relatively small, specialized design business would be siginificant enough for someone to launch a DDoS attack against! Our web hosting company,, disabled the […]