DDoS Attack – Update (2)



A follow-up on our post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack:

Hats off to our new hosting company We are happy to report that has been back online and accessible since May 12, despite the ongoing attack.

The guys at Blacklotus are successfully mitigating the attack for us using a combination of high-spec hardware and manual traffic filtering. Most impressive of all is the speed: they (1) got the site working quickly, (2) the site itself opens much faster than I though possible and (3) their support team answers questions in no time at all.

All this comes at a price, of course. It costs many times more than the $7-or-so that we used to pay over at BlueHost. That’s a bitter pill to swallow for a stingy bastard like me.

But we need to look at the value, not the price.

If you pay 30 times more and you receive 100 times more, then that is money well spent. The speed alone justifies the price. opens up in a snap. That will inevitably translate into more sales for us. Only two extra sales per month and our new hosting plan pays for itself. By the looks of it, we will be making a lot more than that. DDoS attacker 0, Biz-Logo 1.

If you are fighting a DDoS attack – or even if you’re not – consider Blacklotus. They are in a league of their own.

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