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The web site has been unreachable since Tuesday, May 5. We established fairly quickly that Biz-Logo was the target of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Who would’ve thought that our relatively small, specialized design business would be siginificant enough for someone to launch a DDoS attack against!

Our web hosting company,, disabled the web site on their servers and the following day informed us that we needed to find a new host. We were of course delighted with their willingness to assist us in our hour of need. A live support agent told us, and I quote, “remove all your stuff and find a new host”.

What really got under my skin was when they accused Biz-Logo of breaking the Terms of Service Agreement. Upon reading the Terms of Service Agreement I found that they must have a different Terms of Service Agreement… hidden somewhere.

We moved the web site to a different host. Same problem.

We moved again, this time to StartLogic‘s virtual private server solution. Thank you StartLogic for the fast, professional service. While StartLogic does not provide protection against the attack, it at least provides us with a working hosting account from where we can monitor the attack to determine it size and nature.

We are currently working with StartLogic and other service providers to get back online as soon as possible. We have reported the attack in the hope that the attacker is apprehended. Apparently it is difficult and time-consuming to trace a DDoS attack, but not impossible. Let’s hope.

Our customers may contact us via the temporary Biz-Logo site, or visit our sister-site

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