No Comments, No Spam

I gave up on this blog and on blogging a while back when I saw 154,721 comments awaiting moderation. It’s a pity. There were some valid comments in there. It would be nice to chat to my blog readers. Then the pingback flood started. Hundreds of pingbacks with no apparent way to stop them. I […]

New Letter Logos Site

The team at Biz-Logo.com just completed a very substantial new web site: LetterLogos.com. The aim is to offer a pre-designed logo (at under $100) for every possible letter combination, up to three letters. That’s a whopping 18,278 logos (26 + (26 x 26) + (26 x 26 x 26)). And that’s if there is only one […]

BizLogos.com Portfolio

A massive new portfolio of logos on the BizLogos.com web site. Over 100 sample logos uploaded. Check out the portfolio and also the text descriptions on the sample logos page.

Logo Design Code of Ethics

When you think about it, ethics can be a touchy subject on the Internet. We deal with so many different cultures and pre-existing codes of ethics. It’s a daunting task. Even more so in logo design, where something like exclusivity (which seems obvious to most of us) might not be obvious to every logo designer. […]

More on Logo Design Examples

I had a look at the Biz-Logo portfolio today and figured we could do a lot better. Made some improvements, added content and a proper index.

New Logo Design Samples

Posted some new logo design examples under logo design on the Biz-Logo site. I just love that Commonwealth logo. The Botori logo is also one of my all-time favorites.

Church Logo Designer – New Site

A new site that I’ve just completed and uploaded. Check it out here: http://www.churchlogodesigner.com/ What worries me just a little is that it seems logo designers are in a race to out-site each other. The number of logo design sites on the Net increases daily it seems, but if you take the time to investigate, […]

Vector Batman Logos

We have started a new web site called VectorTemplates.com under our parent company Graphics Factory CC. The aim of this one is to offer free and premium professional vector templates for download. One section of the site will be specifically for all kinds of fun vector stuff, like superhero logos. So to add to our ongoing […]

Logos versus Logos

Good people of the Web, I present for your judgment, the Silver Fish logo and the Connect logo. Both these logos were designed by professional, full-time, qualified designers. Both are fairly simple, clean designs. The Silver Fish logo is probably more memorable while the Connect logo is more practical if the logo is to be used […]

Church Logos

The difficulty with church logos is that most if not all of them use the same standard religious imagery – which is fine, but it means that extra care must be taken to make the church logo unique from all the other church logos out there. Christian church logos usually contain one or more of […]