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Vector World Map

A free vector world map, available in AI, CDR and EPS – and some raster formats as well: www.vectorworldmap.com

Biz-Logo.com DDoS Attack – Update (2)

A follow-up on our post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack: Hats off to our new hosting company Blacklotus.net. We are happy to report that Biz-Logo.com has been back online and accessible since May 12, despite the ongoing attack. The guys at Blacklotus are successfully mitigating the attack for us using a combination of high-spec hardware and manual traffic filtering. Most […]

Biz-Logo.com DDoS Attack – Update

Since yesterday’s post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack we’ve made some progress. We have upgraded to enterprise level hosting at a hosting provider that offers DDoS mitigation. Our hosting bill is several times larger now, but that’s a small price to pay. The site is back online: www.biz-logo.com The attack is continuing though so if you […]

Biz-Logo.com DDoS Attack – www.biz-logo.com

The Biz-Logo.com web site has been unreachable since Tuesday, May 5. We established fairly quickly that Biz-Logo was the target of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Who would’ve thought that our relatively small, specialized design business would be siginificant enough for someone to launch a DDoS attack against! Our web hosting company, BlueHost.com, disabled the […]

Mass delete spam in WordPress

Man, what a hassle. You leave your blog unattended for a couple of months and kablam, thousands of spam comments that you have to delete page by page. Surely there must be some way to just delete them all in one go? A super delete button somewhere. That’s the only way us humans can defeat […]

LogoBlogger Survives!

After much effort, LogoBlogger.com is online again after being missing for about 2 weeks. See, I wanted to learn more about databases and in my investigations I managed to delete the WordPress database that this blog depends on. Thanks to the nice folks at my hosting company BlueHost I got my hands on a backup. […]