Church Logo Designer – New Site

A new site that I’ve just completed and uploaded. Check it out here:

What worries me just a little is that it seems logo designers are in a race to out-site each other. The number of logo design sites on the Net increases daily it seems, but if you take the time to investigate, many of them are owned by a handful of the bigger design firms. My company had to create a system for keeping track of what we own and how all the pieces fit together.

It should be interesting to see a chart of who owns whom in the online logo design world. 

The alternative to having many sites is having all your eggs in one basket. With Google’s mood swings I would not want to build my ability to feed my kids on just one site. Add to that the odd denial of service attack and having¬†200 sites instead of 1 seems perfectly logical.

Our poor customers though!

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