DDoS Attack – Update



Since yesterday’s post on the Biz-Logo DDoS attack we’ve made some progress. We have upgraded to enterprise level hosting at a hosting provider that offers DDoS mitigation. Our hosting bill is several times larger now, but that’s a small price to pay.

The site is back online:

The attack is continuing though so if you have any trouble accessing the site please consider visiting our sister-site DDoS Attack –



The web site has been unreachable since Tuesday, May 5. We established fairly quickly that Biz-Logo was the target of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Who would’ve thought that our relatively small, specialized design business would be siginificant enough for someone to launch a DDoS attack against!

Our web hosting company,, disabled the web site on their servers and the following day informed us that we needed to find a new host. We were of course delighted with their willingness to assist us in our hour of need. A live support agent told us, and I quote, “remove all your stuff and find a new host”.

What really got under my skin was when they accused Biz-Logo of breaking the Terms of Service Agreement. Upon reading the Terms of Service Agreement I found that they must have a different Terms of Service Agreement… hidden somewhere.

We moved the web site to a different host. Same problem.

We moved again, this time to StartLogic‘s virtual private server solution. Thank you StartLogic for the fast, professional service. While StartLogic does not provide protection against the attack, it at least provides us with a working hosting account from where we can monitor the attack to determine it size and nature.

We are currently working with StartLogic and other service providers to get back online as soon as possible. We have reported the attack in the hope that the attacker is apprehended. Apparently it is difficult and time-consuming to trace a DDoS attack, but not impossible. Let’s hope.

Our customers may contact us via the temporary Biz-Logo site, or visit our sister-site

Logos versus Logos

Good people of the Web, I present for your judgment,

the Silver Fish logo and the Connect logo.

Both these logos were designed by professional, full-time, qualified designers.

Both are fairly simple, clean designs. The Silver Fish logo is probably more memorable while the Connect logo is more practical if the logo is to be used on faxes, photocopies etc. You will probably like one of them more than the other one, but that’s personal taste. Let’s not get into that.

Let’s just say that there is nothing very wrong with either of these.


Well, no, actually there is something very wrong with one of these logos, according to many professional designers.

You see, logos like the Connect logo typically cost thousands of dollars. Professional ad agencies spend countless hours coming up with just the right design – and they charge by the hour, which seems only fair.

By stark contrast, the Silver Fish logo cost $125. It was also designed by a professional, full-time, qualified designer. The difference is that it was not designed specifically for the Silver Fish company, but was designed as a pre-designed logo for Someone from a company called Silver Fish came along, saw this fish logo on and purchased it for $125. The designer then worked with them to add their name, change colors, fine-tune the layout etc. It’s all included in the bargain price of $125.

This, says the traditional designer, is logo design blasphemy. How dare take a perfectly good profession and make it this cheap. They did not even form a relationship with the client prior to making the logo. No research into the client’s business needs.

Huh?… says the client.

Huh indeed. I don’t get it either. Maybe I’m missing something, but at we think our client, the small business owner, is typically a smart individual. She is starting her own business after all. There must be some savvy in that head of hers then. She knows her business, industry and target audience.

So I figured, let’s not charge her thousands of dollars to tell her what she already knows. Let’s give her a choice of hundreds of logos and leave the business decision to the business owner. If we do that, we cut out 90% of the design work. Now here’s an idea: Let’s pass that on to the client. Let’s take 90% off the price as well, making professional logo design truly accessible to the small business owner.

Logo design blasphemy?

No, this is not logo design blasphemy, it’s business. The cries of “blasphemy!” really should be understood as “How in the name of all that is good am I supposed to compete with THAT!”.

The truth is that affordable online logo design services are here to stay – and they are gradually taking more and more business away from ad agencies. This is scaring ad agencies, who are finding it increasingly difficult to justify their fees.

There will always be room for the ad agency approach to logo design, but it is no longer the only option available to business owners. Thank goodness.

Church Logos

The difficulty with church logos is that most if not all of them use the same standard religious imagery – which is fine, but it means that extra care must be taken to make the church logo unique from all the other church logos out there.

Church Logos

Church Logos

Christian church logos usually contain one or more of the following:

 – Cross
 – Open Bible
 – Dove
 – River
 – Sunrise
 – People worshipping

One way to use elements like these and still have a unique logo is to combine those traditional images with something that is specific to the location or the character of the church.

More about church logos @

Church logos –

and @ LogoAnts:

Added 09.09.17: And now also Church Logo Designer:

A good cause

One more post for today:

If you are looking for a good deed opportunity, get over to this site and contribute something. Helping a sick child is as good as good causes get. If you can’t contribute financially or prefer not to then help draw attention to this site by linking to it. Go do it!

Mass delete spam in WordPress

Man, what a hassle. You leave your blog unattended for a couple of months and kablam, thousands of spam comments that you have to delete page by page. Surely there must be some way to just delete them all in one go? A super delete button somewhere. That’s the only way us humans can defeat the super spam robots.

Well, no super delete button, but there is a way to mass delete comments through phpMyAdmin. Be sure to make a backup of your database before you do.

Detailed instructions here:

Logo Voting Site

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on, putting my new PHP skills to the test:

Superman Logo

Now, as you know, we’ve been looking at some Batman logos recently and judging by LogoBlogger traffic it’s been a hit. So I figured the decent thing to do would be to also feature the daddy of all superheros, Superman! The Superman logo is probably one of the 10 most recognizable logos in the world, in any industry. As with all superhero logos, the Superman logo inspires its share of fan art, some of which I include here.

Once were done with the Batman series I’ll have a go at doing a Superman series as well, with nice, big versions of the logos. Watch this space.

LogoBlogger Survives!

After much effort, is online again after being missing for about 2 weeks.

See, I wanted to learn more about databases and in my investigations I managed to delete the WordPress database that this blog depends on. Thanks to the nice folks at my hosting company BlueHost I got my hands on a backup. It was just one big, nasty sql file though.

What shall we do with a big, nasty sql file?

Well, I saved it somewhere and attended a 3 day MySQL course. It’s something I have been wanting to do for a while and this became the perfect excuse. What a powerful thing this is! Who would have thought that you can have the world at your fingertips from a command prompt. Next week I’m doing a PHP course. PHP seems like the logical outlet for all this MySQL wizardry.

Welcome back my beloved blog. I promise to visit daily weekly monthly and post often! more often.

Batman Logos – Part 2

I guess this should have been part one.

This is the original Batman logo, as it appeared on issue one:

Here’s issue one for reference:

And here’s my attempt at a clean-up of that logo: